Io sono nato in Sicilia e lì l’uomo nasce isola nell’isola e rimane tale fino alla morte, anche vivendo lontano dall’aspra terra natìa circondata dal mare immenso e geloso.

Pelaghea is a hotel that offers a unique accommodation experience, deviating from the traditional idea of ​​a stay, it provides personalized services, in harmony with the characteristics of the most charming island in the Mediterranean.

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With us you can:

daily trips

Daily Trips

You can join a boat or minibus trip or experience scuba diving. Scooters, cars and electric bicycles for rent are available too. The property is affiliated with Ristorante Errera.


With a Sea View

An italian breakfast buffet is settled in our panoramic terrace, Pelaghea Restaurant opens only for dinner and accepts reservations from anyone who wants to spend their time pleasantly. The kitchen offers traditional and modern dishes.

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