Mannarazza Quay

At the quay of Mannarazza there is a daily program of magic. With the Mistral wind, the prince of the winds, the bluest and most powerful waves of the Mediterranean, the famous “colpi di mare”, perform. At sunset, rust, water and silences turn golden. At night you listen to the chorus of the sirens of Ulysses, the shearwaters or turriache. The concert of the berte indicates to the sailors, on moonless nights, that they are close to the black cliff. Because of the song of the shearwaters, similar to the crying of a child, the legend was born that sees in these birds the reincarnation of the souls of the crew of Diomedes, shipwrecked in the waters of the Mediterranean, which is why they are also called diomedee. At sunset hundreds of Berte near Mannarazza meet on the sea to greet the sunset until the last evening of autumn, the evening when they will leave the island and then return to sing in the spring. This room is our applause at the end of their concert.

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